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|Full Service |

This package is for the busy client who wants a creative to take the reigns. Your space needs to be pulled together, you have the space and funds, but you want it done right the first time by a creative and experienced team. Perhaps you don't have the time, desire or talent to execute your target final product. Lapis Ray, will execute this process for you entirely while you put your time into other activities. We like to say with this package, we’re like a personal trainer for your home, except we do the work and you reap the benefit! We begin with a simple consultation and discuss the project(s) at hand. We discover your wants, needs, preferences, tastes and lifestyle and evaluate your space. While you go back to work or play, Lapis Ray will gather the necessary elements and design a space unique to you and your way of living. Lapis Ray will present the plan and, upon your approval, put your custom design into action, through to the day of installation. You will gain access to exclusive vendors and contractors that lead the industry in quality and style. Lapis Ray’s goal is to save you time and energy, taking the headache out of the design process and providing you with a stress-free experience.

|Consultation |

Designed for the Client wanting quick/small changes and suggestions. It’s perfect when you need help making decisions about paint colors, fabric or furnishings that you are already contemplating. Maybe you need a professional to consider your space plan/furniture layout in-light of how you use the space.)

Most local projects, no matter what the size, begin with this step.

Lapis Ray will come to your project site and provide the help you need to make your current space look it’s best by utilizing what you already own.

|Room in a Snap | E-Design)

This package is designed to empower clients with more time and patience for dealing with the project management side of things. Priced per project, these packages help you see the potential of your space and give you tangible ideas for implementation on your own, at your own pace. We'll start by meeting virtually to determine your taste and scope while also touring your space live. Once you send measurements and follow up pictures, we will send you a layout along with product purchase information and !poof! you'll be on your way to a newly designed space you couldn't have come up with on your own.


This package is perfect if you live far from DC or don't feel comfortable with others being in your house. Our E-DESIGN option is for you!

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